Do You Have Chronic Pain? Depression? Anxiety? Any Disease Or Imbalance?

Therapeutic Wellness Sessions may be the answer you have been searching for!

Sessions with Kat can manage and many times, heal symptoms and root causes with simple practices and techniques, both Eastern and Western. Deep breathing methods, meditation, movements and actions are applied to manage any condition.

With a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a special Certification in yoga therapy, Kat is able to determine where you are in your healing journey, meet you there and design a practice specifically for you. Kat has been teaching and serving in Orange County since 2006.

Private sessions as well as group or small group sessions (small group: with same condition/imbalance only) Available now!

*Where: Near Huntington Beach California.

*Kat is teaching Yoga, therapeutic movement and meditation classes on zoom! 

*Group classes: Therapeutic Movement $15 per person.

*Zoom classes $15 per person. 

*Corporate on-site classes $150,

*Private yoga therapy and Meditation sessions $125 (Packages & Gift Certificates available)   


Relief from chronic back or joint pain.

Relief from stress, depression and anxiety.

Calm nervous system for overall wellness.

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Phone: (949) 633-1301

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