Kat Tillinghast Instructor, Director, Trained in Yoga Therapy

Orange County, CA

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Kat Tillinghast – M.S., E-RYT 800 Instructor, Director, Trained in Yoga Therapy

Mission Statement

My mission is to guide you through a personal therapy session that helps you find freedom from pain or any other obstacle that holds you back from your hearts desire. I am a Yoga Therapist. I can help you to cut through the layers and find your best self. Yoga Therapy is a breathe-based, healing modality for all types of people in all types of physical and emotional situations and conditions. Yoga is not only meant to heal our bodies but work through the layers of our physical bodies and outer selves, all the way to our hearts. Yoga therapy may include, not only yoga poses but talk therapy or even mantras to help us uncover the layers or take off the masks we wear so that we may begin to lead our best lives, being our best selves. To live ones life with the freedom to access our true emotions and our hearts so that we can shine, the way we were meant to, is the dream of every one of us.


Kat has been teaching corporate and private Yoga since 2006. Her specialty is in working with people who have low back problems as well as those who need to manage stress, anxiety and depression and find clarity of personal and professional goals. She specialized in Yoga Therapy after attending the Yoga Rx program at Loyola Marymount University with Larry Payne, Ph.D. Yoga Therapy helps with imbalances of any part of the human system, to include emotional and psychological imbalances. Kat has studied with many Yoga greats and Masters, to include Donna Farhi, Seane Corn, Rod Stryker, Richard Miller, Manouso Manos, Elise Miller and Max Strom. She completed 800 hours in YogaRx and continues the study of Yoga Therapy with Amy Wheeler, Ph.D.

Kat teaches on-site corporate classes all over Orange County California, including KIA Motors, Kingston Technology, Codazen in Irvine, and Disneyland.

Kat Teachers private, semi private Zoom and group yoga and meditation classes near Seal Beach. Also, Kat is available for home in-person and Zoom classes. Please follow Kat on social media to get the most up-to-date class schedule.

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Various private times are available and Zoom classes are available too.
Please contact Kat to schedule in advance (949) 633-1301


I have had eleven disc’s removed from my spine. I regularly practice Yoga therapy with Kat on Youtube for lower back pain. Yoga has always terrified me, knowing there was no way someone like me could even begin to do it! I first watched your video through once, trying some of the exercises you demonstrated. The second time, I was able to go all the way through! Much to my amazement, I found it to be a very fine balance of therapeutic stretching, exercise and relaxation. Immediately my pain was lessened by half and I felt fabulous!

Jamie A Paulsen, R.N., Seatlle WA

Dear Kat

It has been over two years now that you have worked with me, and on me. The results have been immeasurable. You have help me balance my life and strengthen my personal resolve to feel better and be a better person. I could never have known that the journey we have taken, would have been so important, and improved my life to such a great degree.
Ray Biggerstaff, President and CEO, Biggerstaff Insurance Services, Inc.

Kathleen Tillinghast has the gift of knowing exactly what her students need to begin healing. She seems to be able to meet them exactly where they are in their process. She is kind, nurturing and very compassionate.

Lesley Fightmaster, Instructor & Teacher Trainer at Yogaworks


Kat is an excellent Yoga Therapist. She is well-trained, as you can see from her list of certifications. She has years of experience working with people in chronic pain (physical and emotional). She is very organized and a great business woman. But the thing that really stands out about Kat is her heart. She has a way of being very present to her clients. She has excellent listening skills and responds with compassion. Kat’s heart is 100% in her work and it shows. If you want physical and emotional healing, Kat is your Yoga Therapist!
Amy Wheeler, Cedarpines Park, CA 92322


Kat is one compassionate person with a deeply caring spirit. She helped me through the most difficult time in my life, offering her time and wisdom in a most generous way. I am fortunate for her friendship and teaching and value her intuition which she uses so wisely. She is extremely knowledgeable and I am deeply honored to have her in my life…
Emily Rios

Kat Tillinghast is a talented and intuitive teacher and therapist. I often refer yoga students to her for individual and skilled attention. Her skill in working with individuals and honing into their needs is remarkable.
Randy Allard, instructor &Teacher Trainer, Yogaworks

New to yoga, I was first introduced to Kat through a yoga class she was teaching many years ago. Through the years, I’ve taken many classes with many instructors. The difference is how she applied her experience & extensive training with a compassionate heart for healing. I am fortunate to be one of her personal clients.

“I’ve been taking yoga from Kat since January of 2007. Through her instruction and guidance she has helped me to transform my life. There is something special about going through life’s journeys with her by my side. Life has it’s ups and downs, and over the course of 8 years, through yoga, Kat has helped to see me through it all.

Kat often reminds her clients that yoga is for everyone — and she’s right. No matter my age, physical or mental condition or temperament, I’ve found that regular yoga practice enhances my life, no matter what.  Yoga makes the good times brighter and more joyful  and gives me the mental, physical and emotional strength to face the bumps in the road. Kat is an intelligent and skilled yoga therapist, who I trust.
Denise S

Kat integrates knowledge, intuition, intelligence and compassion to create practices that address the body and the soul. The morning practice she developed for me establishes a foundation of clarity and focus that helps me throughout my daily life. She is a wonderful Yoga Therapist.
Kim Haegele, Instructor, Yogaworks