Benefits of Yoga

Yoga enhances every part of our lives. Physically, the Yoga poses build strength in muscles, joints and bones. Many of the poses also aid the body’s natural detoxification process. Sometimes our lifestyle stops the natural detox process our bodies need for optimum health. Toxins from the body create imbalances  everywhere ,  including  our minds. Yoga gets the juices flowing again, and naturally. Therefore, one who practices on a regular basis has clearer thinking which improves every aspect of our lives to include achievements and performance.


  • Improved muscular-skeletal alignment and Strength
  • Decreases Neck and Back Pain
  • Increased Strength, flexibility and performance
  • Increased Circulation, Immune function,
  • Improved, Increased Focus, Concentration and Clarity of Desired Goals
  • Improved Health, Wellness and Vitality
  • Improved Self-Esteem

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